Must check in all players before 12:30 on DECEMBER 26th.(Verification of compulsory licenses)
No check in will be accepted by phone.
NOTE: Pre-registration does not exempt you from being present for the check in before 12.30pm.
Latecomers will be matched in Round 2.

 december 26th
Game 1
1h30 pm
 december 26th
Game 2
19h30 pm
december 27th
Game 3
9h30 am
 december 27th
Game 4
3h30 pm
 december 28th Game 5 9h30 am
 december 28th
Game 6
3h30 pm
 december 29th
Game 7
9h30 am
 december 29th
Game 8
3h30 pm
 december 30th Game 9 9h30 am
 december 30th
Closing ceremony
4h15 pm

Players have the opportunity to get a leave of absence from the arbiter.
For a round of 1 to 6 (Bye is possible).

Time control Fischer System :90 minutes + 30 seconds per move.
It is mandatory to be Present at the Closing Ceremony to get your Prizes.

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